Artistically and aesthetically I am on a journey of constant exploration. I am very grateful and fortunate to be doing this. Creativity is a form of PLAY - leketoys is a PLAY on words of the norwegian word leke (eng. = PLAY), and the english toys, wich are used for PLAY. Then change the O to a ø and you get tøys wich means FUN. And finally combine both in norwegian and drop the S to get leketøy - now you’re back to a TOY.
Hi friend
Håvard is a visual artist from Norway. I’m a draughtsman and a maker. I will paint, draw and scratch on any surface given the possibility. You need visual facilitation, a lecture on creativity, an inspiring workshop? - I can do that. Perhaps you need art direction, design thinking strategies or just plain ideas - yep I’m on it. Commissions are open - drop me a line.